Dreaded Interview – the Dos and Donts

dreaded intervview tips
dreaded intervview tips

Dreaded Interview Advice

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Sharon Jenkins, Business Manager – Legal Recruitment

My top tip is to make sure you know about the company before you arrive for interview. You can do this easily by researching on the internet. Most companies have their own site and will invariably have a wealth of information there. Moreover, it really shows you are interested in the company, prepared and organised. It also makes a good impression.

As for what to avoid, I would say definitely make sure you present yourself well. One candidate went for an interview with a massive stain on his tie. The client couldn’t take their eyes off the stain, and it most definitely affected the outcome of the interview. Again it’s all about making a good impression. You only really get a limited time, so you need to go all out and give it your best.

Caroline Prior, Recruitment Support Manager, Sydney

Therefore, it‘s advisable not to overlook the basic essentials of preparing for an interview, which would have to include:

O Excellent personal presentation & hygiene -first impressions count!

O Arrive early, to be safe. Go for a coffee if you‘re too early.

O Read and understand the job spec before the interview. Be able, therefore, to give examples of similar experience.

O Research & inform yourself about the company that‘s interviewing you.

O During the interview, be aware of your body language and what that says to other people. Folded arms are a negative statement, for example. So, be positive, professional, honest and interested.

O Its important to be very aware of what impression you are giving. I heard once of a candidate that came in for an interview wearing a hospital tag around his wrist. This disturbed greatly my colleague who conducted the interview!

Penny Walsh, Director

O The golden rule with interviews is ‘Be Prepared’.

O Definitely research the company beforehand. Check their website, look for press releases in the media and if it’s a listed company, see how their shares are performing. You also must have a full understanding of the position you are applying for.

O And definitely DON’T talk about your short/medium term career path if it is not related to the role you are applying for!

Suzanne Corliss, Business Manager IT and Technology, Sydney

Listen to the questions, be succinct with your answers and make sure that examples you use are relevant.

If a panel is interviewing you, keep eye contact with everyone throughout the interview. That’s so as not to exclude anyone.

Support your suitability with relevant examples of what you’ve done and your achievements. As you did your research, drop bits of information about their company, showing that you know who they are, and what their core business is.

Try and avoid waffling on, trying to fit in every bit of information you can think of.

People switch off quickly if the information is irrelevant, not to mention if you haven’t drawn breath for 10 minutes (or more!).

Don’t start talking about your ideal job if it is not relevant to the position you are going for and the career path that it offers.

Do not cut people off, talk over the top of them and continue to speak when they are taking down notes. Listen – and don’t speak for the sake of filling in space!

Julie Spencer

So, that’s how to handle the dreaded interview. Take their advice.