Stupidest Companies – Do Contractors always end up at there

Stupidest Companies take contractors
Stupidest Companies take contractors

Stupidest Companies

Do the stupidest companies hire IT contractors?

You hear so many stories from contractors about the stupid decisions permies make at companies where they contract.

They complain that the permies don‘t take good advice and so they watch as projects go over the rapids guided by captains who won‘t listen and thing they know it all.

However, are IT Contractors destined to always work at companies that are the stupidest of the lot?

Projects Over Budget

If companies hired the right people and did the right things maybe their projects wouldn‘t be late and over budget.

We know that this is often when contractors come in, i.e. when the project is in trouble and they need more hands to get the project done one time.

Maybe contractors are destined to work at the dumbest of the companies for the dumbest of permie Project Managers.

Or is it the other way around.

Hire Contractos in the Beginning

Do the smart companies hire contractors in the beginning and take their advice and get their projects done on time.

Which way do you think it goes?

If I had to call it, from my own experience, it would be the former.

Many times I‘ve come in when the project has git itself behind and getting young permie Project managers to take any advice is almost an oxymoron.

Won‘t Listen to Experienced Contractors

Even if I come in at the beginning they still didn‘t like to listen to experienced contractors.

They always seem to be delighted to have a position of power and flushed with this new power they don‘t like ‘˜underlings‘ as they would see the contractors telling someone as important and as exalted they are what to do.

It‘s strange but so many times projects seem to be run by permanent employees who have never run a project before.

I wonder what the experience of other contractors is.

Do contractors end up at the stupidest companies?