Ethics Poll – Contractors and Agents equally ethical or unethical

Ethics Poll
Ethics Poll

Ethics Poll Results

Another site ran an ethics poll asking who acted the most ethically in their business dealings, Agents, Contractors or Clients. The results were surprising.

The poll appeared on the now defunct

According to the poll, which asks the question ‘Who works the most ethically?’ , there was the following response:-

41% – Recruitment Agents
40% – Contractors
19% – Clients

Isn’t that surprising?

Contractors and Agents on Equal Footing

This puts agents and contractors on a level par as far as working ethically is concerned.

Also, surprisingly, clients were seen as the least ethical with only 19% selecting them as their first choice in the ethics stake.

Perhaps we are identifying the real culprits here in the Unethical Stakes.

However, there‘s also the possibility that it means that 41% of those who read are agents, 40% are contractors and 19% are clients.

A Little Bit Cynical

Or am I being just a little cynical?

Otherwise how do you explain agents coming first in an ethics poll?

It must be a first!

Contractors are always criticising recruitment consultants and their agencies for their practices. We have many articles from contractors on this very subject.

So, If you have any comments to make on this just put them in the comments section below.