Contractors and Agents are like husbands and wives

husbands and wives
husbands and wives

Husbands and Wives

An agent gives his prognosis on the relationship which he says is like husbands and wives.

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We Control Market

The simple fact of the matter, is whether IT contractors likes it or not, agencies control the contract market.

It is extremely difficult to get an IT contract role without an agency.

Good Product

Secondly, a good agent sees a good contractor as a good product.

As an agent, I know my reliable contractors and treat them as such.

I will work my ass off to get them another contract and refer them to friends who are also agents or directly to clients who aren’t using but I know are recruiting.

Give and Take

Their has to be a bit of give and take in our relationship.

I know without my best contractors I will not make any money and my good contractors should know that without a good agent who has good clients they won’t get any contracts.

Husbands and Wives Relationship

Contractors and Agents are like husbands and wives.

You don’t have to love each other but we can at least learn to live with one another.

A divorce ends up with nobody happy and both of us out-of-pocket.

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