Contractor Mortgages London WorkShop June 15th

Contractor Mortgages London WorkShop
Contractor Mortgages London WorkShop

Contractor Mortgages London WorkShop

If you can come to the Contractor Mortgages London Workshop you can find out more about getting mortgages as a contractor.

How easy is it to for contractors to get mortgages?

Then, how much of a mortgage offer can you get?

How long do you have to have been a contractor?

What proof of earnings do you need?

Securing a Mortgage

Securing a mortgage is something that puts many independent professionals off the idea of owning their own home, often preferring to continue renting. But are they really that hard to secure?

Luke Somerset, has shaped mortgage lending policy for independent professionals. He is largely responsible for improving the availability and choice of mortgage products to the contractor community, putting flexible workers on a level pegging with their permanent counterparts when it comes to securing a mortgage.

In this short workshop he will dispel the mortgage myths and provide practical, real world tips to improve your chances of securing a mortgage.

Mortgage Workshop Details

It will take place in Clerkenwell, EC1 in London on June 15th from 17:45 to 20:00.

Beers will be free.

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