Contractor Freelance Network – Join it for Advice and to Network

Contractor Freelance Network
Contractor Freelance Network

Contractor Freelance Network

Join he Contractor Freelance Network to take advantage of the advice there and to network with other contractors. You can learn from their experiences and they can learn from you.

As experienced contractors know, here are many pitfalls in contracting.

You just need to read our Unemployed Contractor Tales to know that.

Join the Network

Click on Networking with Freelancers and join it there.

It’s an opportunity for contractors to take about freelancing and the problems and opportunites that it provides.

It also gives you a chance to network.

Someone may hear that their client needs some more contractors and tip you the wink.

It may give you a chance to go direct to a client and raise your income.

First Time Contractors

It would be especially useful for first time contractors and would help them avoid the many traps.

They woudl learn that their new agent isn’t in fact their agent but their competitor for the funds that a client is paying for them.

They can learn how to do their CV optimally, how to look for contracts best and how to make sure you pass as many interviews as possible.

Contractor Freelance Network – Experienced Contractors

It’s useful also for experienced contractors who may know some pitfalls but not others.

You need to take every advantage you can on your fellow contractors in what is a competitive market.

Then there is advice on how to get the best rate you can, how best to get renewed and how best to get a rise at renewal time.

There can be not that much difference between a successful contractor and an unsuccessful one.

The successful contractor nakes sure that he, or she, acts to their own best advantage.

Unsuccessful Contractors

There are too many contractors spending too much time between contracts when they don’t need to.

It all eats away at their incomes.

It is the reason some of them never manage to get out of it.

Successful Contractors

And then there are the contractors who take the best advice, who get picked for lots of interviews, who pass them more often than not and who keep getting the renewals at better and better rates.

Be one of those.

Joining the Contractor Network would be a big step forward.

Why not!

It’s Free!

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