Computer Programmer was prostitute on the side


Moved to London

Brooke Magnanti was a cancer researcher at a hospital in Bristol before moving to London.

She could no longer afford to do the jobs she was doing and couldn‘t pay the rent and so moved to London.

She took up prostitution in order to make ends meet.


She became world famous after creating a blog called Belle De Jour which talked about her career in prostitution.

For a long time no one knew who she was till she revealed herself last week.

It was one of the great literary mysteries of the decade.

Her blog was adapted into a book and a TV series starring Billy Piper.

Even her agent didn‘t know who she was.


Said Brooke ‘I did have another job at one point, as a computer programmer, but I kept up with my other work because it was much more enjoyable’.

What could be more enjoyable than computer programming?

Why didn‘t she just become an IT Contractor?

Perhaps she felt it was beneath her.

High Charge

She was charging £350 an hour which would be higher than any contractor makes – although I don‘t suppose she would have been working 8 hours a day, every day.

I wonder if any of you worked with a Brooke Magnanti in some computer department in London.

I wonder, also, if any of our readers have considered prostitution.

Maybe this is a common thing in IT.