Computer Contractors & World Cup Save British Economy


UK Computer Contractors Rescue UK economy

According to new figures out today the British economy rose by 0.1% last month. It was expected to fall by 0.2%.

Manufacturing actually fell by 0.5% but Services, which includes Information Technology, rose by 0.2%.

At the forefront of the rise n Services were three sectors:-

  1. Computer Programmers
  2. Telecoms
  3. Pubs and Bars benefiting from the World Cup.

All Hail UK Computer Programmers

If something similar happens next month then the UK would have avoided recession.

A recession is defined as two or more quarters where the economy contracts.

It contracted in the third quarter and it was expected to fall in the 4th quarter.

The economy would need to fall by 0.5% in the final month of the 4th quarter in order for the UK to be in technical recession.

If it rises by 0.2% again in the last month of the 4th quarter then it would have grown by 0.9% in the final quarter instead of having contracted as the pundits predicted.

So, the chances are that the UK would not enter a technical recession.

Government Should Thank and Look After Freelance Computer Programmers

However, growth is anaemic at best. The long term growth of the economy is around 3%.

The UK is still 0.3% down on its pre-Covid levels.

It is the only one of the G7 economies which is still below its pre-Covid levels.

Thank God for Computer Programmers and the World Cup.

We can’t expect any further boost from the World Cup – but we still have Computer Programmers.

It’s a shame that the Government treats Freelance Computer Programmers so badly.



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