Company cut my rate by 20 per cent Even Though I Gave Them 110%

Company Cut My Rate
Company Cut My Rate by 20%

Company Cut My Rate

A contractor posted this article Company Cut My Rate in the comments after our article What Contractors Can Do After Their Rates are Slashed by a reader.

How Companies Treat Contractors

I’m glad I came across this article and the comments because I’ve been wondering if I’m the only one p’d off at how companies treat their contractors.

I’ve always been the kind of person who gives 110% in both effort and time.

I’m forever the first person in and the last person out.

Yet, even with all this effort, they still felt it warranted cutting my rate by 20%, and the crowning glory was probably the fact they ran out of funds and cut my contract short.

Contract Rate Cut
Contract Rate Cut by Client

Why Bother When Loyalty is One Sided

So, now my thoughts are this.

Why give more when at the end of the day you’re going to come out with a lot less than you thought you would?

Loyalty seems far too one-sided for my liking.

Extra Effort to Get Project on Time

Kill yourself to bring the project in on time?

I don’t think so!

Put in the extra effort to find the best solution?

Don’t be ridiculous!

Less Effort for Less Money

How does the saying go?

‘Do unto contractors as you’d like done unto you?’

The company cut my rate.

If banks and companies are forcing me to change, I’d like to be the one deciding on that change – such as less effort for less money.

It seems realistic to me.

IT Contractor Comment

Companies are stupid. That’s because they see freelancers as just cogs in a machine. They reckon that they will work with exactly the same productivity if they give them 20% less.

Demotivation is not a factor when you see human beings as cogs or part of the project equipment.

I remember seeing a survey some time ago which said that there were strong correlations between top business managers and psychopaths.

crazy recruitment consultant
Crazy recruitment consultant

That could explain a lot.

As the reader said, loyalty is a one way street as far as companies are concerned.

They demand it from employees, and even contractors, but when the boot is on the other foot they give none.

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