Company Names – What Should I Call My Limited Company?

Company Names for Contractors Limited Companies
Company Names for Contractors Limited Companies

Company Names for Contractor Companies

New contractors often wonder about company names. They want to know what would be a good name for the limited companies they are setting up.

The answer is, in the vast majority of cases, that it doesn’t matter a jot.

For the vast majority of freelancers, the name they call their company won’t get them, or lose them, any contracts. It won’t make any difference at all to their income.

When you apply for a contract on a job board, or to a recruitment company, they won’t even ask you what your company name is.

That’s how little it matters.

The only time they will ask you what your company name is, is when they want you to sign the contract.

Then it will never be mentioned again.

You are not building a brand.

Personal Service Company

You just need a limited company, or personal service company, to operate through.

Accountants will usually ask you if you want a particular company name when the set it up for you.

Some contractors will want some self-important title like Top Contractor Services.

Other contractors may want their name in the title, e.g. Billy Jones Contracting Services.

They want to get cards made with this name on it. They want to announce this grand new company on social media. Furthermore, they will describe their occupation grandly as Owner, or Director, or even Founder, rather than Contractor.

Off The Shelf Company

You are probably better, though, just to let your Accountant get you an off-the-shelf company.

That’s one that someone has set up before and abandoned.

It will be cheaper that way.

Some accountants will set one up for free for you – as long as you sign up with them.

Social Media Profiles

One thing that I would advise against, though, is of being too self-important on your LinkedIn profile.

That could lose you contracting opportunities.

Some contractors will have in their profile “Owner, Billy Jones Services”.

You would be better to have it as “Contractor, Available February”.

A lot of recruitment companies use LinkedIn to find candidates that they want to put up for interview.

Don’t let your ego cause you to lose interview opportunities.

I think that all the company names that I ever used were off-the-shelf companies.

It was cheaper that way and I didn’t care what the company name was.

I’d advise you to do the same.

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