Company renews Contractor who was beaten within an inch of his life

Company Renews Contractor
Company Renews Contractor

Company Renews Contractor

This article is about how a client company renews contractor despite his injuries.

We published a tale last week about how a clientterminated me while I was waiting for the ambulance to take my wife to hospital in labour.

I think that it is worth saying that there are other companies who would, and have done the opposite.

A few years ago, my brother was beaten within an inch of his life by three young thugs while walking home on a Saturday night.

They were jumping on his head and kicking it like it was a football. He was in a pool of blood.

Lucky for Him

Luckily he was with his girlfriend who stayed with there instead of running off, and who knocked every door around to get someone to get an ambulance. He wouldn‘t have made it through the night if she hadn‘t been there. It was in a cul-de-sac.

He couldn’t see, hear, or speak for several days. His head was twice its normal size. His memory went completely. He was getting violent in the ward, which was completely unlike him, and they sent him to a psychiatric hospital.

He was contracting for the Royal Bank of Scotland. In total, he was away for months. His boss came to see him in hospital. They kept his contract open for him till he came back.

They allowed him to come back to work for a couple of afternoons a week first of all and then gradually they let him do a bit more till he was doing a full week,

I thought that this was very good of them, but when his contract came up for renewal he might have a problem as he wasn’t back to his best and had problems with short term memory.

Renewal Time

However, when renewal time came, they renewed him for another year. I was astonished, even dumbfounded.

It‘s still all about people, and if you get a good one and a good company it is worth sticking by them.

He is still working for them, albeit in a permanent job. Who wouldn’t want to stay and work for a company, department and boss like that?

The police caught one of the teenage thugs by chance. They found my brother‘s blood on his shoes when they arrested him for something else the next week. He got 8 years for it. The other two got away with it, but I think the one they caught was the ringleader.

RBS get a lot of bad publicity so we are happy to pass on something good they did.

If there are any other companies that deserve a pat on the back after something like this, please tell us all about them.

Company Renews Contractor – it’s a heartwarming headline.