Free Money – Can you believe this agency when I offered them it

Free Money
Free Money

Free Money

What an attitude to an offer of free money

This was posted as comments after one of our articles by a reader but I think it deserves an article by itself.

When Chamberlain Scott went bell-up, at the end of that contract the client wanted to keep me on. However, they agreed I should find a more reputable agency.

The HR dept gave me a list of three to choose from and in the first instance I selected a local agency.

It was a young and growing company and as my contract was with the largest employer in the area I would be offering them their first “in”. I called them and they suggested I go along to their office to discuss.

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Free Money Offer

So, the next afternoon, I went along. I was prepared to tell them that I have agreed terms with the client, have already been with them for six months and the new deal is for a 12-month extension. Because I was bringing the contract to them I expected a low commission and prompt payment.

When I got there the first thing the agency boss did was to complain that I wasn’t wearing a suit. I told him that I had just come from the client site and was wearing my usual office clothes.

More Presentable

He said, “If you want to work for us we expect you to be more presentable. What would our clients think if you turn up in jeans for an interview?”

Well, I had to tell him that I was bringing the contract to him and that I was not at an interview.

I also had to remind him that if the client had any problems with my appearance they would not be offering me a 12-month extension plus rate rise, would they?

Lots of Money
Lots of Money for Ex IT Contractor

Rate of Commission

He then “offered” to “take me on” at a rate of commission of 30% with payment after 60 days.

I politely told him to go and self-copulate – then advised the client’s HR that they weren’t worth dealing with.

Next day I arranged over the phone to put the contract through a start-up agency run by an ex-contractor at 5% with payment after 7 days.

Where do they get these agents from?