Agencies Mistreating Contractors – Can agencies get away with it forever?

Agencies Mistreating Contractors
Agencies Mistreating Contractors

Agencies Mistreating Contractors

How long can agencies mistreating contractors go on?

Contractors have always complained about some agency tactics and their treatment by them. Will this come back to haunt agencies?

Many agencies say that they have no time to contact contractors to tell them that clients don‘t want to see them for interview.

When a contractor goes for an interview, the agencies say that they have no time to contact contractors and tell them that they have not got the job.

They say that they are better spending their time trying to find out which clients have got work and in trying to place contractors.

Agencies, Contractors and Clients

Some agents have also said that contractors are not their customers. It is the clients who are their customers, Contractors are just commodities.

They also do things like calling up out-of-work contractors telling them that they may have a job for them. They ask them for the names of people who they have worked for, companies where their CVs have been sent, and companies where they have had interviews.

Wiser and more experienced contractors will know that these agencies are only looking to generate leads for themselves. They will be in touch with those companies looking to place other contractors.

However, all contractors, before they become wiser, will come across these tricks at some point in their careers.

Recruitment Agency Tricks

Our article ‘Top Ten Tricks used by Recruitment Agencies – Beware’ was picked up by another website.

There one agent justified this by the following:-

“Finding out where jobs are, what managers recruit contractors and the like are what keeps the market moving. It’s what keeps YOU contractors in jobs. This is the way IT recruitment has always worked. If you don‘t like it find a different career. EVERY CONTRACTOR has been put forward for contracts AND secured contracts which were picked up in this way. That‘s the way it works”.

Fewer Contractors Using Agencies?

However, recent information showing that fewer and fewer contractors are now using agencies to look work for them. An IPSE survey showed that only 18% of their members were now using agencies to find work for them. So, do agencies need to drop the idea that contractors are just commodities rather than customers?

Do they need to take far more care in how they interact with contractors?

Does it really not matter how agencies treat contractors?

Does it really not matter whether agencies give contractors the common courtesy of telling them that they have not been accepted for interview or have failed to get a job at interview?

Agencies Mistreating Contractors – Contractors Don’t Matter

Those agents who say that contractors just don‘t matter may be right.

However, they face the danger that, if their image with contractors remains as low as it is, that more and more contractors will simply bypass them and go direct to the client.

They have always had the desire to do so and it was only clients being fearful of legislation that has prevented it.

Clients Removing Costs

However, with the last downturn having forced a lot of clients to look at removing costs, including the middle-men agents, and with legislation like the Employment Agencies Act which appears to show the Government and EU coming down on the side of contractors, the worm may be turning.

It could be that some agents‘ previous disdain for, and mistreatment of, contractors may come back to haunt them.

They, and especially the rogue ones, will have only themselves to blame for that.

If agencies are to prosper in the future they may have to take the radical step of considering contractors as valued clients.

Agencies mistreating contractors may become a thing of the past.

Now that would be something!

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