Better Contract Offer – Should I take that v One I Accepted?

Better Contract Offer
Better Contract Offer after I accepted contract

Better Contract Offer

A new client offered me a better contract offer just after I accepted another one.

A reader, who wants our advice on what to do, sent us this.

Two Contracts

I am due to turn up for a new contract on Monday.

I have signed the contract.

However, just the day after I signed the contract I got a better contract offer that is 20% more than the other one, and I do not have to stay away from home.

I would obviously prefer to take the second contract. However, I am worried about the ethics of it all.

I do have a four weeks notice clause in the contract.

The skills used on the second contract are far superior to the skills on the first contract too.

So, if it wasn’t for the ethical problem I would definitely take the second contract.

Any advice Dr. McLaughlin?

Dr. McLaughlin’s Contractor Surgery

The ethical problems are for you. I am not here to dispense moral advice.

Looked at purely ethically you can probably work out yourself that there is only one option.

However, you have to decide if you can afford these morals and what the others would do in similar circumstances.

So, look at these scenarios and ask yourself what would happen in each of these:-

Scenario 1


On your first day the client hears that senior management have cancelled the budget for your project. Does he:-

1) Tell his superiors that, morally, he has to honour your contract
2) Get rid of you as quickly and as cheaply as possible?

Scenario 2


The agency hears that the client has cancelled the project and the client no longer needs you. The agent:-

1) Pays you anyway as a matter of principle
2) Gets shot of you as quickly and as cheaply as they can

Contractors always give clients and agencies far more loyalty than they ever receive from them.

Bean Count for Agency and Client

As far as the client and agency is concerned, they take the option which saves or makes them the most money.

It’s purely a bean count. There is no sentiment involved.

You run a company too and you should take your lead from what they would do.

I would give notice without actually turning up on Monday.

Say that you are happy to show up the next day if they want you to work for a month and that you await their instructions.

Recruitment Agency Morals

Of course, they won’t want you to turn up. You will, of course, get some abuse and a lecture on morals from the agent when you take the better contract.

Take this with the huge pinch of salt that it deserves to be taken with.

The agent would be far more ruthless than you in a situation that would make or lose him, or her, money.

I know that saying this won’t make me popular with agencies and contractors may even frown upon it. However, it is up to you what you do, but know at least what the other side would do if the boot was on the other foot.

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