Banking sector booming again for IT Contractors


IT Contractor Market

According to ITJobsWatch, the market for IT Contractors in thee banking sector is booming.

Tehe average rates for thos in the banking setor is now £500 a day. That’s a rise of more than 8% in the last year.

That compares with average Developer and Analyst rates of £375 a day.


There’s a real premium in the banking sector again.

It’s only going to get worse (or better for the contractors) as the continuing problems at the banks and the ATMs mean that they will have to rebuild their legacy systems which are decades old to avoid further embarassment and compensation costs.

Lloyds are the latest to have hit problems with ATMs down yesterday affecting 30m customers.

In a couple of years’ time banking contractors will be like gold dust.

They are likely to cash in over the coming years.



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