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Agency Blacklist of Contractors
Agency Blacklist of Contractors

IT Contractor Blacklists

What is an IT Contractor Blacklist?

A contractor blacklist is where an agency, or group of agencies, put contractors on a list telling other agencies that this contractor is trouble and not to use them. Some freelancers reckon they must be on some IT Contractor Blacklists as they are not able to get work.

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Recruiter Talks About IT Contractor Blacklists

We asked the agent Are Ther IT Contractor Blacklists in the industry?Here is his reply.

No blacklists – remember most recruitment companies are only sum of their current consultants…

Consider this – a database is simply a collection of contacts, candidates and relevant notes – made by a particular person. When a recruiter jumps ship – another recruiter will often step in.

Where one recruiter has made a bad contact / candidate another will often make a lot of money!

Personal IT Contractor Blacklists Exist

I’d say personal blacklists exist. I’ve personally revisited other recruiters ‘bad candidates / companies’ and done very well.

Candidates Who Apply for Every Job Advertised

1. I’ll say this – there are a few candidates who just keep applying to EVERY job they see – I used to set a rule to delete them! One guy keeps sending in his damn resume – I must have seen it over 100 times in the last 2 years – won’t he get the hint.

Contractors Who Don’t Have he Advertised Skills

2. Another guy – again I see his resume nearly ever week for jobs he has no skill-set for. While he’s not on a blacklist – everyone in my old company used to just delete him (it‘s like the boy who cried wolf situation).

Psycho Contractors

O Then there are the nutter candidates – they look amazing on paper but when you meet them things start going downhill rapidly.

I had one guy who kept threatening all the management companies I put him forward too – shouting abuse to the receptionists then acting like he’d never called them when I called him to find out what he’d said/done.

He also didn’t want to pay tax – and caused untold problems.

He got kicked from his assignment within 2 weeks of joining – after being abusive to the staff…

IT Contractor Having Office Affair

O Another guy had an affair in the office and they all knew his wife, things became awkward so he was asked to leave his contract.

He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get another job when he explained to the various HR managers why he’s left his previous position.

Companies Who Have IT Contractor Blacklists

Where do I start, 3 words:

Abusive HR managers.

You sometimes got real nasty abuse from the client you called – so was often blacklisted personally.

As I said I’ve made some good deals with clients that were on other peoples blacklists. As if often the case the jumped-up HR person leaves (or is asked to) thus removing the blacklist.

Courteous to All Recruiters

Being in HR now, I’m always very courteous to all recruiters. It only takes 2 minutes and (something I think many forget) it’s your job to speak to recruiters..!

Anyway, in summary, I’ve never seen a company blacklist – just personal ones.

And if you‘re on someone’s list – well there’s no smoke without fire!


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