CV Harvesting – Are agencies making up the jobs on Job Boards?

CV Harvesting
CV Harvesting

CV Harvesting by Recruitment Agencies

A reader sents us this article, on CV Harvesting by agencies.

I applied for a job on one of the job boards that was just up my street. I sent my CV off within minutes of the job’s arrival on the job board. So, I called up the agency within 15 minutes of them posting it.

The agency said that the job was no longer available.

How can it go so quickly?

How quickly do jobs go nowadays?

So, you can imagine my disappointment. Imagine my surprise when the same agency posted what looked like exactly the same job the next day.

I must say that I was more than a little annoyed, so I called up the agency asking what it was all about. They said it was a different job. I asked if I could be put forward for that one. They said it wasno longer available.

CV Harvesting – Same Job Ad

I did some investigation and saw that they had been putting on pretty much the same job spec for the past couple of months.

I called them up again and asked what was going on. Did those jobs really exist or were they just trawling for CVs.

They said that the jobs did exist. They said the reason that they put in many similar job specs over that period of time was because they specialised in that particular area.

I said to them ‘Well if you specialise in jobs for that particular area and you have jobs for that combination of skills almost every day, could I have one of them, or at least be put forward for some of them’.

CV Harvesting – Bad Reference

The guy hummed and haa‘ed for a few seconds. Then he said that the reason that they hadn‘t, and couldn‘t, put me forward was because they had had a bad reference for me.

‘But you only received my CV yesterday and you haven‘t put me through for any roles, yet’ I replied.

‘Who did you contact’ I asked?

‘We‘re not allowed to reveal that’, he replied.

Needless to say I didn‘t believe this so I phoned up my bosses at the only three companies where I had worked. I asked if anyone had called asking for references for me. Each of them said a quite definite ‘No’. They told me that if anyone did that they would give me a good reference.

No Requests for References

By this time I was getting very angry.

I phoned up the agency again and told them that none of my three firms had had any requests for references.

I must give this guy credit and say that he is very quick on his feet. He is never short of an answer.

He said, ‘It was an ex-colleague of yours – someone you used to work with that we have on our books’.

Of course he wasn‘t allowed to say who it was or where I worked with him.

Telling Lies

It seems pretty obvious to me that this guy had been lying through his teeth the whole time. There was never any job.

If he had just honestly said to me in the beginning ‘This is a standard ad of ours and there was no particular job. However, we specialise in this area and get a lot of requirements in this area’ then that would have been fine.

I would have been happy with that and happy that I had my CV with an agency who have regular requirements in an area where I specialise.

It‘s the lying and deceit that gets me when there is no need for it.

They are obviously indulging in CV harvesting.

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