An IT Interviewer tells how he selects IT Contractors

selecting interview candidates
How an interviewer selects candidates for interview

IT Interviewer Tells All

A reader posted this ‘interviewer tells all’ article in response to one of our articles.

Technical Test

I have been on both sides of the interviewing table. Most of the points in the article have an all too familiar ring.

I know that to get a job or IT contract in a competitive world requires an interview.

To get an interview means being selected for interview from amongst 400 or more CVs!

Lets say that half of those CVs are telling exaggerated truths or bold-faced lies.

When I interview freelance candidates for technical jobs I now ALWAYS give them a technical test. That’s the definition of a good interview.

This gives me some reassurance that even if they are not truthful on their CV, I can be confident they can do the job. Which is, after all, what I would be looking for.

Recruiters and Candidates

My suggestion to those who feel that lying on the CV is the only way to get selected for an interview is that they should only lie about things they are prepared to be tested on.

If they pass the technical test and come across well in the interview, I would expect them to do well in the actual job.

The number of years of experience at the different skills that jobs require is becoming a joke.

Recruiters now seem to increase the number of years experience that they actually require. That’s to reduce the number of candidates who have exaggerated their experience.

ITContractor Comment

An interviewer tells us how he selects contractors for interview and what he is looking for at interview.

This is useful information for IT contractors. Although I’m not sure that they would approve of the technical test that the interviewer tells us that he uses.

As many have said in the past, the best time to sit a technical test is just after you have completed the course on that skill.

You only ever use a certain percentage of what you learned on the course and the bits you don’t use you forget.

It depends on what technical questions an interviewer asks.

If he, or she, asks questions on the aspects of the skill most commonly used, and therefore most useful, then that is fine.

However, as we know, too many interviewers use interviews to show off to others in the room by asking obscure questions on that part of the skill that are seldom used.

What that proves I don’t know.

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