Honest Recruiter states his case – See what you think

Honest Recruiter
Honest Recruiter

Honest Recruiter

He claims to be an honest recruiter.

This was in response to our article Top 10 Tricks Used By Recruitment Agencies – Beware.

Good and Bad Recruiters

Like any industry, there are good and bad operators. The good operators will have a reliable steady & growing network of contractors and clients.

It’s in my best interest to get the contractor as much money as possible as 95% of my clients work to an agreed margin.

This means that they know what we pay the contractor and can budget more effectively, and in some cases offer more money.

There has to be an element of trust in all negotiations, which is why I prefer the transparency of agreed margins.

Spamming Leads and Reference

If I then ask for leads, references, referrals etc, I’m not using any tricks to gain information. I’m extending my network to increase the amount of vacancies I can work on in the future.

If contractors work with trusted consultants, then there should be no need to bitch about sharp practice.

Yes, it does happen. Yes, there are unscrupulous agents out there. Just don’t tar us all with the same brush.

I’ve been in IT recruitment for 9 years, and I’m still working with the same clients and contractors from when I started.

Now, some of the contractors I placed then are now my clients, so it pays to work smart.

IT Contractor Comment

It’s nice to hear from someone who claims to be an honest recruiter.

There are some around you know.

I met, and came across, quite a few dodgy ones.

However, therre were some very good ones too and I even became friendly with several of them.

Some recruiters get a bad reputaion with contractors, though.

Indeed, some contractors would say that the term honest recruiter was a good example of an oxymoroon.

What do you think?