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Alternative Top 10 Tips
Alternative Top 10 Tips

Alternative Top 10 Tips for Managers

Here are alternative top 10 tips that managers should heed.

The original article came from advice from Gartner to IT managers. This advice for IT managers comes from one of our readers (The Captain) in reply.

Following Trends

1) Do not follow trends like a sheep.

2) Do not open your mouth unless your brain is plugged in.

3) Remember that big outsourcers often do not have the skills you are looking for. So, they’ll be hiring contractors that you end up paying MUCH more for than if you hired them directly.

4) The money you waste by getting the same contractors from the various EDS, ACC, etc, rather than hiring them directly, outweighs by far the billing costs you save by not hiring a new person managing contractors billing.

5) Also, the outsourcers have a legal department as big as yours.

Suing Outsourcers

6) Yet nobody has been able to sue an outsourcer and win big money from them. So the argument “if they fail I can sue them” is rubbish and it has been whispered in your ear by a marketing sales rep working for them, who pretended to be a colleague of yours.

7) Run the project yourself so you keep the knowledge in house and you retain the control of your company.

8) Give the various outsourcers a couple of years and they will “own” all your IT infrastructure and your company with it.

9) What the outsourcers do is nothing new. It has been done over and over, just it used to be called “MAFIA”.

10) If all of the above is new to you, are you sure, therefore, you are doing the right job?

IT Contractor Comment

So, what do readers think?

Do you agree with our contractor reader’s views?

Moreover, could you think of some more advice that would be good for top managers of your acquaintance?

Let’s hear from you in the comments section below.

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