Agent advises IT contractors on how to do more business with them


More Business

We wrote to some agencies asking them how contractors and agencies can work better together to earn more money from their clients. We put some questions and here is how one of our agent friends replied.

More Business from Bidding for Project

Q1. If a contractor you had out at a site said to you that he wanted to tout for more business, e.g. bidding for a project that would be mutually to your
advantage would you be interested? What would you want out of it?

Restrictive Clauses to Getting More Business

A1. My answer to this would be that I would meet up with the individual
on-site and assess the situation with him/her. We DO have a restrictive
clause (which in 14 yrs I’ve never had a problem from anyone) which says
that basically they shouldn’t do anything directly with the client either
through their own Ltd Company, or as an individual without our prior

There have been cases where we have given this approval for more business because
the contractor has genuinely done something for the client which to be frank
we really couldn’t justify being involved with.

Overall, and you have probably already worked this out about P.S. Computer Services, we take a very supportive stance to every possible business opportunity with our existing clients and contractors.

One thing which probably makes your question unlikely is that we, like many
agencies, work under a strict PSL agreement with the client which means that
THEY almost certainly won’t deal directly with the individual anyway, and
would drive any more business opportunities back through us anyway.

Extra Opportunities for More Business

Q2.  If a contractor you had out at a site wanted to be your representative
at a site, where they kept you informed every time someone was needed or for
fresh opportunities, e.g. in different projects with different Project
Managers, what could you do financially for the contractor? Would you
consider some sort of Joint Venture with him?

Joint Ventures

A2. This already happens, again I like to think because we have super
relations with our consultants on-site. Generally getting involved with
“joint ventures” with the individual is frowned upon (again because we are
operating under strict PSL agreements) so we probably wouldn’t risk this
type of relationship.

I can tell you though that we have made gestures to a
few people over the years who have been particularly helpful, not
“financial” but more of a personal thank you like a framed signed photo of
their favourite sportsman or something like that – low value, but much
longer lasting effect.

Don’t Even Tout for More Business

Q3.  At the moment, contractors don’t tout for more business at a company because of the clause in their contract that says that they can’t.
Therefore, both agencies and contractors lose out.

A contractor wouldn’t even think of bidding for a new project or to take over the running of a part of the system. Is there any way that you can see that this can be
overcome to the mutual advantage of the agency and the contractor?

Supportive Stance

A3. Pretty much what I said in point 1. We would always encourage them to let us know as long as it didn’t breach any confidentiality agreement or PSL clause.

I think the overriding point is that we would always take a “correct” and supportive stance to any opportunity raised by an individual which has always stood us in good stead with all parties.