Alex the Crazy Man – Part 2 – The Craziest IT Contractor

Alex the Crazy Man
Alex the Crazy Man

Alex the Crazy Man

We published a well-read article recently about, Alex the Crazy Man, one of the most unusual contractors that I had ever met. This is a postscript.

As I said in the previous article, Alex, who was from Hong Kong, both did and said a lot of unusual things.

I think that the following illustrates both very well.

Pub Lunch

When I was working with him at Kingston-on-Thames we were both walking back to work from a lunch at the pub (the Bishop‘s something for any of you who know Kingston), when we saw a crowd of people outside and inside a shop (it might have been Woolworths).

There was obviously something happening inside.

We looked in and saw something that said that Des O‘Connor was inside signing copies of his new album.

This animated Alex and he asked me if I was going in to get my copy.

I said that I wasn‘t.

He then asked if I would come in with him while he queued (yes, there was a queue).

I said that I wouldn‘t but that I would wait outside for him.

Successful Visit

He came back out about fifteen minutes later and he was proudly clutching his signed Des O‘Conner album.

As we walked back to work he said to me ‘He gave me great hope for the future’.

I waited for Alex to expand on this, and waited, and waited, and waited. He said nothing.

I wondered whether he had given Alex some profound piece of advice that would help shape his future. This surprised me because I wasn‘t sure how much Des knew about IT.

Eventually I had to ask:-

‘Alex, what was it that gave you such great hope for the future?’

‘He‘s almost as small as I am’, replied Alex.

I felt, instinctively, that this said it all, and there was no point in pursuing any further line of enquiry.

That was Alex the Crazy Man for you.

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