Agents views on their own usefulness

Agents views on their own usefulness
Agents views on their own usefulness

Agents Views

Here are some agents views on how useful they are.

It is in response to an article of ours:-

Agents Views – Response 1

What a load of absolute s***e.

Whether contractors feel that agents are necessary is irrelevant. The bottom line is, companies use agencies because we make their lives easier. We handle the payment side of things, and, moreover, when they try to recruit direct they cannot. That’s simply because of the bullsh*t, lies and deceit they receive from contractors.

As agencies expect contractor’s behaviour, and moreover know how to read them and handle them, the positions get filled. It costs nothing to bang an ad on Jobserve – but companies cannot recruit themselves due to the bollocks they have to go through with candidates.

They cannot sink to the depths that agencies do to get recruitment results, because the company name is at risk.

Agencies will always be used, because companies (whether reluctantly or not) have to use them.

Contractor’s likes, or dislikes, about such matters, are irrelevant side-issues.

Another Agent

It doesn’t matter whether we are good or bad for the industry, all that matters is that we are here. If we weren’t needed we wouldn’t exist.

I’ve been around doing the same type of role (i.e. placing contractors) for 12 years. How many contractors can say the same?

If a client changes the languages they use do they get rid of their current contractors and hire contractors with the right skills or do they get rid of their agency. In this respect clients have more loyalty to their agencies than to the contractors that may pass through their doors.

Contractor’s Response

As a contractor I realise the importance of agencies and as an recruiter I realise that contractors are essential. There can be contractors without agencies but there can be no contract agencies without contractors!!!

With this in mind, agencies should be a little more warm to contractors rather than ignoring emails and calls, until they require the skills. It doesn‘t take much to say sorry, there‘s no feedback yet, but I‘m hoping to hear by the end of the week for example.

At the end of the day recruitment consultants are people who can do nothing else.

Rec Con Who Used to Contract

Agencies should make more of an effort to give contractors feedback but you’ve got to remember that in some cases you could have upwards of 100 applicants for one role. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get back to them all.

Cheeky little comment at the end but as a rec con who used to contract, I can say that this isn’t the case.

I moved to recruitment as I felt that I could make more money (and I have) and I can tell you that sales (which is effectively what this is) is tougher than any IT role that I have ever worked in.

Anyone can read a book or go on a course and learn an IT related discipline, but not everyone can cold call, build relationships with clients and contractors and generally have the people/communication skills required. I would say contractors are more likely to be people who can do nothing else.

So, that’s agents views on their own usefulness, insterspersed with some contractor views. What od you think?