Recruitment Agents Honest and Upright, unlike IT contractors says agent

Recruitment Agents Honest
Recruitment Agents Honest

Recruitment Agents Honest and Upright

A reader entered this article, Recruitment Agents Honest and Upright, in our Comments section, after an article of ours.

Of course there are upright and honest agents! If there weren’t the whole Industry would be down the pan by now.

Not all agency staff are shallow. They are not all driven by money.

Recruiters Unlike IT Contractors

It‘s not like they are IT Contractors!

I worked in the Real Time Software Contract market for 6 years, placing over 450 contractors in that time and during 2007- 2008 had over 100+ contractors working on a variety of Defence and Telecom projects.

However, I didn’t encounter anywhere near the cynicism I now read on this portal.

I got out of the sector and am now in senior level permanent recruitment.

Positive memories of IT Contract Industry

My memories of the IT Contract Industry are positive.

It did however become an emotional rollercoaster – guessing which 10% of your loyal contract teams were going to dump you and try to leave without offering notice (breaking their contract) but screaming to be paid up in full as per the contract!

IT Contractor Comment

Well readers, what do you think?

Do you agree that most recruiters are upright and honest?

What do you think of his recruiter’s statement that many contractor break their contracts willy-nilly and then went their pay?


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