Two Faced Recruitment Agent sent me an email about me instead of to his boss

Two Faced Recruitment Agent
Two Faced Recruitment Agent

Two Faced Recruitment Agent

A reader sent us this about a two faced recruitment agent.

What about this then.

A few months ago, I contacted a junior recruitment consultant charged with sifting CVs at an agency I had worked through before, many years ago who was sourcing me for a new role.

He was polite and friendly on the phone and he was forwarding my CV to the client.

Checked Contract Progress

I rang up a week later to check progress with the client.

He then wrote to the account manager to check, who had contact with the client directly, to follow up on my behalf……only he didn’t.

He actually sent me the e-mail instead of his manager by mistake.

On it were these words….[cut and pasted with names removed] otherwise unchanged.

Two Faced Recruitment Agent Email

Dear Lisa,

“See below; I’ve had an email of [name removed] (that hag whinging on Monday about needing an email of you when we send her CV to the [co])”

I complained immediately and they forced the little twerp to phone me and apologise for what he’d written.

The recruitment organisation said they would send me an official apology as well.

Did they heck.

I am still waiting for it.

Awful Spelling of Two Faced Recruitment Agent

Notice his awful spelling mistakes too.

This is meant to be someone who should to check the credibility of contractors for forwarding to the clients.

Like the poster above, I’ve kept the e-mail evidence to prove it.

IT Contractor Comment

I think this may be a good indication of how agents talk about contractors amongst themselves.

This two faced recruitment agent wouldn’t be unique in this way.

One would love to be a fly on the wall  when they are talking about us.

I think that the only difference here is that his one got caught.

I suspect that it was for legal reasons that the agency didn’t come forward with a formal apology like they should do.

They’re always talking about how they add value for contractors.

However, many of them are a disgrace to the profession.

Perhaps it is time for a new contractor agency model.

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