Agency cons contractor into doing a weeks work

Agency Cons
Agency Cons

Agency Cons on Contractors

A reader sent this, about agency cons, to us in reply to our article “This was a real filthy trick by an agency“.

Am agency lured a friend of mine into a week of pre-work to check if he could do the job (pre-testing) by an agency.

So he did as he had nothing to do.

He managed to sort out the major problems the previous contractor did who was also through the same agency.

Afterwards he found out that the other contractor was apparently on holiday. He did this for a very, very low price.

But when he sorted out the problem during this time, they no longer needed him.

Agencies Employing Contractors

So, these things happen and will happen more as most of the agencies employ not so bright people. Maybe owners who are also the same.

They ask you about hands on experience in such and such a skill. They also tell you that the role is to manage!

A waste of time, money and space these agencies are.

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