Agency charging IT Contractors for interviews

Agency Charging Contractors for Phone Calls
Agency Charging Contractors for Phone Calls

Agency Charging

An agency charging contractors via phone calls is the latest dirty trick from agencies.

According to a a member of Facebook group page ‘A new joke in the IT contract market some agencies are asking you to call 0800 numbers to do conference interview calls to end clients.

‘Now you have to pay to do interviews.

‘Can you believe that?’

Sounds Like a Scam

Another group member replied ‘Sounds like a scam to me, to be honest.

‘When contract-seeking or job-seeking, payments should not be made.

‘I think it is also against the law, but I could be wrong’.

Phone Interviews

That‘s an interesting one.

If you force someone to use an 0800 number to do an interview are you charging them for getting them an interview – or just for making a telephone call?

One wonders what a court would make of that.

Sharp Practice

Whether it is legal or not one would have to say that it was sharp practice.

Agencies must be desperate for income these days.

Of course we all know that if one agency gets away with it then they‘ll all be at it.

Agents often tell us that IT Contractors misunderstand them, however, when you get agencies doing something like this, is it any wonder?

Twitter Age

This is the Information Age and they say that access to good information will be the biggest business differentiator in the future to businesses.

That applies to IT Contractors too who need to know the latest on IR35, the Jobs Market, Advice or any new Government legislation affecting contractors.


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