After my accident client brought PC to my hospital bed


From a reader.


I had an accident a few years back and broke my thigh after two days on a short-term (1-month) contract.

It happened on a Friday evening (I fell out of a wildly swaying pub).

By Monday morning I had recovered enough from the emergency surgery to personally call my manager to give her the bad news.

In Traction

I explained to her that I was going to be confined to bed in traction for at least a month, and thus would not possibly be able to meet their deadline.

I suggested she immediately call the agency.

The interviews had only taken place the prior Weds and there was a good chance the other candidates would still be available.

Brought Laptop

Her response?

She had one of her staff bring a laptop into the hospital expecting me to work from there.

The only work I did on that laptop was to type up my formal notice and attach a bill for one week’s worth of work (I didn’t do a week’s work, but I considered that bill a punitive response to the asshole capitalists who expect hospitalised staff to continue working for them).

It got paid – and I also got ten weeks loss of earnings from my insurance at about @5K GBP per month ;-).