Sacking – Guy at new company knows I got sacked at previous company

Sacking of Contractor
Sacking of Contractor

Sacked Contractor Question on Sacking

This contractor left behind his sacking at a previous company and doesn’t want his new client to know.

I‘m at a new job, and there is someone there that I worked with at another company.

So, I don‘t want anyone here to know about my sacking at a previous company.

I got caught, in the Ladies toilet at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, where we were holding the Sports and Social club Christmas party, in an embrace with one of the User Acceptance Testers.

Luckily the guy I worked with before hasn‘t told anybody so far. However, it is a big worry that he might.

Dr. McLaughlin‘s Answer on Sacking

Oh dear!

This person has something ‘on‘ a new member of staff, i.e. that they were sacked at their last job for ‘having it away‘ in the toilets at the Christmas dance, but they haven‘t told anybody yet?

There will be a special place in heaven for such a person – if he exists.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

Know About Your Sacking

Everybody at work knows about your sacking. If you want, you can talk to this guy and ask him to keep your secret. Ask him if he has told anybody.

He will, of course, say that he hasn‘t, whether he has or he hasn‘t.

My advice would be to tell people yourself, putting as best a spin on it as you can. Say, therefore, that it was a case of mistaken identity or that somebody else stitched you up politically.

In the process of telling everybody about it, if you found that your erstwhile colleague had been putting the news about, you could say it was he that stitched you up.

So, it‘s your word against his. Unless, of course, you have made a very bright start to the new job, you might want to consider putting out your CV again.

Sacking – Add Extra Details

Of course, another option might be to boast about it, and add extra details.

That way the guys at work might look upon you as a ‘bit of a lad‘. The girls at your work would know that you are available for ‘clandestine trysts‘. That’s as long as you make it look as if they dragged the details out of you.

I am assuming that it was a guy that posted this question. If this is untrue, please get in touch, and I‘ll ‘refine‘ my answer.

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