Recruitment Company Liar – A Dirty Trick an Agency pulled on me

Recruitment Company Liar
Recruitment Company Liar

Recruitment Company Liar

A reader, H0m3r added Recruitment Company Liar as comments after one of our articles. We thought it deserved a wider audience.

This happened to me back in autumn 2007.

I applied for a contract in Leamington Spa and was sent there for an interview, along with another 5 candidates.

The client liked me and a few days later the agent called to say so and offer me the contract.

Problem is, I also lined up another contract. It was much closer to home and wanted to see how that interview went.

I told the agent, who started to get pushy. He told me the great benefits of working for ‘his’ client, how great the atmosphere there was etc.

This I didn‘t mind too much as he was only doing his job.

Minimum Rate for Contract

What I didn‘t like was that he had only got me my minimum rate. He asked this when he first phoned me. That’s even though he said ‘he would get the highest possible for me’.

Also, he blatantly lied to me saying that he could only get £15/day more if he went back to them.

He also said the client wanted an ‘answer by the end of the day’.

Agency Tricks – Using Different Number to Contact Me

After leaving a dozen answer phone messages on my mobile, he even tried the trick of using a different number to call me.

Another trick was to get one of his colleagues to call me pretending to be from another agency offering another contract.

This way he could actually find out if I indeed had other things lined up.

Got a Yes For the Contract from Client

I eventually got a ‘yes’ from the contract I was waiting for. Even though the money was a lot less, just felt that I didn‘t want this recruitment company liar getting any commission off my back. So turned down the job.

He must have been the laughing stock of his agency as he couldn‘t ‘close the deal’.

Recruitment Company Account Manager Called

His account manager called me and asked me why I didn‘t take the role. I just said I had something better.

He then made a better contract offer at £60/day more than I was initially told (so much for the agent saying he could only get £15/day more if pushed).

This was the straw that broke the camel‘s back. Only when they thought I wouldn‘t take the job, they started to reveal the real daily rate from the client.

I‘m pretty sure they were trying to take 30% of the daily rate for themselves.

Made Complaint About Agency to Client

A month passed and I actually went back to the client to make a complaint about the agency.

I found the guy who interviewed me. He confirmed that they wanted me on board soon. However, he didn’t put a strict ‘want an answer by the end of the day’ rule in place.

This just confirmed to me my suspicions at the time about this out and out recruitment company liar

Only Contract the Client Wanted

I also found out that the client had told the agency that I was the only one they had liked from the batch that was sent for interview – which was why the agency had tried so hard to sign the contract immediately.

As a rule now, I don‘t tolerate pressure like this from agencies, I will just tell them that I need time to think about the role, and if it passes me by because of a 24 hours deadline, then so be it.