A client tells why he abandoned reading CVs

Abandoned Reading CVs
Abandoned Reading CVs

Abandoned Reading CVs

This article, about how a client abandoned reading CVs, and why, was posted as Comments after one of our previous articles.

See if you agree with him and his reasoning for it.

Nothing Like as Described

I abandoned even reading CVs because so many of them looked ideal for the job, then I rang the candidate to find that they were nothing like as described.

This wasted hours of my time, so for the techie jobs, I just constructed a written test, sent it out via the agencies and I read the answers.

In the rare cases of contractors that passed the test, I then read the CV and phoned them up.

Process As Efficient As Possible

Not many hiring managers are doing this yet, but I was under the cosh and had to make the process as efficient as possible.

Sadly, if you hire people, you’ll find that you get swamped with CVs from Indian nationals.

How do they get through the filter system when I always get an interrogation from agents?

You also get phone calls from agents, with anonymous CVs from agencies that you haven’t even contacted. They send you dozens of CVs.

Finding a Better System

I had no time to do my day job, so had to find a better system.

That’s why I abandoned reading CVs. It saved a lot of my time.

It also weeded out the wheat from the chaff before I decided whom to see for interview.

I have to say that the system worked.

I get a better class of contractors sent to me. Also, I have more time to concentrate on managing projects.

I recommend doing this to anyone who has to fill contracting positions.

If you are a hirer, give it a try and see if it works for you.

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    1. I understand your reasoning and this is all very well if you’re looking for a technician, but if you’re looking for team members with softer skillsets then it really isn’t going to work. The key is not letting people or systems that don’t understand the requirements weed CV’s for you. If you develop a good 1-2-1 rapport with a reputable (yes they exist) recruitment agent and develop a shared vision of the successful candidate, some CV’s will stand out – but beware, it’s not always the one you might expect returned by a keyword search.
      I detest tailoring my CV for a number of reasons but would be stupid not to rearrange it on occasions to emphasise skills I have that a recruiter requests – I won’t distort the truth or knowingly lie though. Getting the right staff is worth some of my time as a PM – don’t let your HR department cut you out of the weeding process (because you own the requirement and know it better than them) and don’t rely on keyword search engines to be anything but a blunt instrument.
      I’ve been for interviews where I’m sure I’m just making up the numbers – If you already have a candidate lined up for a role but ‘company policy dictates’ you advertise and interview externally for all vacancies- stand your ground and dig your heels in: if you don’t want people to spoof you then start by not spoofing them…


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