Interview Lies | Seven signs that tell an interviewer you are lying

Interview Lies
Interview Lies

Interview Lies

People are giving off signals all the time. Without realising it they are telling people ‘I‘m not telling the truth’. They are telling interview lies.

It‘s costing them jobs, therefore, and they don‘t know about it.

Interviewers can see the difference between what the candidate says and what their actions are telling them.

They are watching the body language of the candidates at interview.

Not Getting Away with Interview Lies

Sometimes it‘s telling them the opposite of what the candidate thinks he or she is telling them.

Many interviewers are trained to watch for such signals and so they do. It’s not that difficult to do. You could google it yourself and find out. However, we will give you some tips here to help you.

These are the surefire signs that tell an interviewer that you are telling porky pies:-

1. Touching your face

2. Putting your hand over your mouth

3. Pulling at your ears

4. Scratching your nose

5. Casting your eyes down

6. Shifting in your seat

7. Looking downward to your left

Be Aware When Telling interview Lies

So next time you are going for an interview, just try to be more aware of how you position yourself and if your interviewer starts foot tapping, either change the subject or shut up -and whatever happens, don’t scratch that nose!

Telling Interview lie, therefore,s is not a good idea. You usually give the game away that you are telling them.

However, if you feel you must tell interview lies to get you the contract, make sure you are not giving off signals that you are lying through your teeth.

They’ll see through all that and it won’t work out well for you.

Of course, you can turn the game on them and swot up on what interviewers really mean by their body language.

You can then see whether you are doing well or badly and which of the interviewers are on your side and which against.

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