Attributes of the Perfect Contractor

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Perfect Contractor

A reader sent us Attributes of the Perfect Contractor.

We post it without prejudice.

The Attributes

Well, if you’re a recruiter, the attributes of a perfect contractor are:

1. Someone young and naive not to see the bullshit and lies recruiters engage in on a routine basis.

2. Someone they can place who is cheaper than the market rate so that the agency can therefore widen their margin.

3. Someone who will do extra hours for nothing and not complain, no matter how badly the company treats them.

4. Someone who will furnish the agency with leads taken from your CV without permission.

5. Someone who is adequate to do the job, but not necessarily that good, otherwise they could ask for a rate rise, upset the client or narrow the agency margin.

6. Someone who thinks the recruitment industry is wonderful, largely made up of integral caring and concerned recruiters and who can’t see them for what they are – greedy leeches with no integrity, their eye on the next commission payout, the other eye on a new Mercedes or holiday in the sun.

7. Someone who takes the view that they are there to be a tool for the agent to make money, rather than the recruiter being the tool to help them secure new work.

8. Someone who doesn’t complain when the hirer shafts them, lies or defames them to the agency saving the recruiter the bother of getting their money back or securing some form of justice.

9. So, in other words, the perfect contractor is exploitable, cheap, stupid and has Stepford dummy like qualities of submissiveness and naivety.

ITContractor Comment

So, what do you think of one contractor’s views of what an agency would see as the perfect contractor? Does it ring true?

If you would like to add to this article on what the perfect contractor is through an agency’s eyes let us know in the Comments section below.