43-year-old software programmer nets himself £116 million


Big Money

A software developer wrote the original lines of code for what is now the biggest software company in Britain. He sold his shares yesterday for a colossal sum.

One of the founders of Sage, Graham Wyllie, cashed in his final shares yesterday and earned himself £116 million.

He wrote the original coded for it when he was studying for a computer science degree.

Sage is the only software company that is a member of the FTSE-100, which is comprised of Britain‘s top 100 companies. It was floated in 1989 for £20 million. It is now worth over £2 billion.

Most of those who made a fortune in software lost it again in the recent dotcom crash. However, Sage is still an up-and-coming company and the shares have risen by 50% this year.

Graham started the company in 1981 when he was just 21 along with three other partners.

New Ideas

It seems to be a strange time to be cashing in his shares when the market is just starting to recover from the recent troughs and almost certainly has a long way to go yet.

However, it is believed that Graham has some ideas of his own and wants to use at least some of the cash to start up a new business.

He is certainly young enough to start up again, and plenty young enough to be able to enjoy the spoils of his early ideas and software development work.

All of you out there should keep an eye out for opportunities and gaps in the market, and for something that your current client or employer might need. If they need it, the chances are that someone else needs it as well.

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