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Powerful CV
Powerful CV

Powerful CV

This article, on creating a powerful CV, first appeared on Aussie contractor site www.Brainbox.com.au. We thought it worth sharing with our readers.

Resume is Greatest Asset

Your personal resume is the greatest asset you have.

Combined with your cover letter and / or selection criteria, it markets your true potential to a prospective employer. Without a good CV you will not gain an interview.

Top CV Tips

Here are 11 tips on creating a powerful CV.

1. Don’t expect the person reading your CV to know and understand industry “jargon”. Explain, therefore, the term in “layman” language.

2. Start each sentence with a powerful action word.

3. Know and understand your attributes and aspirations, and succinctly describe this to the reader.

4. Check your dates. Are there any gaps or overlaps?

5. Forget about fancy fonts. Not only can it be hard to read, but it also makes it unreadable for scanning software.

Double Check CV for Spelling

6. Always double check your CV for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.

7. Your CV is a reflection of you. Keep it as concise as possible, and don’t waffle! Quality rather than quantity is the rule.

8. Make it easy for your prospective employer to find the information they are looking for.

9. Tailor your application for each individual position.

10. After you have written your CV, seek an independent review. Being “too close” can lead to costly mistakes.

11. Time spent in preparing your CV will certainly be rewarded with your high interview success. First impressions do count.

IT Contractor Comment

It’s well worthwhile looking at all the advice that you can get as regards your CV.

You should always remember that this is your sales brochure.

Long before you get to see interviewers they will see your CV. This is all the information that they will have about you to make their decision.

It will be the sole arbiter of whether they will interview you or not.