You’re a Greedy Contractor Recruiter Says When Rate was Far Too Low

A Greedy Contractor
A Greedy Contractor

A Greedy Contractor

A recruiter accuses a contractor of being a greedy contractor. Read why. We got this from a reader.

I’m a fan of your stuff on linkedin.

I’ve got a bit of a surreal story recently. I got an email from an agent last time I was on the bench.

I didnt know the agent or agency.

Local Role With Good Skillset

Anyway, he had a role which was fairly local.

The skillset looked good.

However, he went into detail. He kept going on about how great the client was and how contractors there never wanted to leave.

It was a great workplace etc etc.

Low Contract Rate

So, I replied that yes sounds good but what was the rate?

It turned out to be about 1/3 market rate.

It was really poor.

I politely replied that I was sorry but it was a bit low for me.

Never Make It In Contracting

I then got a huge long email telling me that “his” client wouldn’t want someone like me anyway. That’s because they had proper professionals working for them.

They were people who wanted to be there and not just people who were concerned about how much money they were screwing out of them.

Also,he  told me that with my attitude, I wouldn’t get anywhere in the contracting world.

I’ve been contracting off and on almost 25 year).

I didn’t even reply.

I can only assume that he was having a bad day, knew full well that he was up against it, and had had the same reply from a few other people!

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