You never get your next IT contract through the same agent says reader


Next IT Contract

Reader h0m3r posted this, about your next IT contract, after our recent article How to Use IT Agencies to your Best Benefit. A recruitment agent wrote the article.

What utter b*******.

In my experience and those of my colleagues / friends getting a contract via the same agent or even agency that got you your last one has been non-existent!

Agents always say when you leave you last role that “we know your skills and know you can get a job done, we’ll find you work soon” but it never happens in my experience.

Bad Contract Timing?

Is it just “timing”?

Other agencies seem to find you work quicker than your last one.

There is no “relationship”, then, that the article talks about.

The BEST thing you can do is find a direct contract by yourself and cut out the agency completely.

Not Paying Agency Commission

I’ve done this and the best thing about this is not paying a commission to the agent.

The other god thing is that when new projects come up, the manager DOES contact you directly. Or better still, he, or she, asks you when you will be free over the next few months to do the work.

You’re quids in after that.

IT Contractor Comment

Yes, I think you are right there.

In my long contracting career I don’t remember ever having two contracts in a row via the same agent.

I haven’t even had two in a row via the same agency.

And I’ve never had a contract after one of those agencies call you up saying that they have a contract for you and asking for information about where you are currently working etc.

I’ve never had one from an agency who asks for references.

I’ve also never had one from an agency who wants to know companies where your CV is already. That’s supposedly so that they don’t send yoru CV to those companies again.

I think that going direct does solve those problems entirely for the successful contractor.

If you can get your next IT contract direct it will make a big difference.