Highly Skilled Migrants Programme – Would you qualify to work in UK

Highly Skilled Migrants Programme
Highly Skilled Migrants Programme

Highly Skilled Migrants Programme

Here are details  of the Highly Skilled Migrants Programme. So, this is how it now works. Here is the Points system and how it operates. Would you score enough points therefore to come to the UK?

HSMP Programme

The Highly Skilled Migrants Programme has into force and is now fully implemented.

You will need 75 points, therefore, to be able to come to look for work in the UK without a job offer.

So, here is the new points system where you try to assemble 75 points to get you into the UK.

Points System

Points for Degree

50 – PHD
35 – Masters
30 – Bachelors

Points for Age

20 – Under 28
10 – 28, 29
5 – 30, 31

Points for Previous UK Experience

5 – If Previous Earnings or Qualifications have been gained in the UK

Points for Previous Annual Income

45 – 40K+
40 – 35-40K
35 – 32-35K
30 – 29-32K
25 – 26-29K
20 – 23-26K
15 – 20-23K
10 – 18-20K
5 – 16-18K

Moreover, you can get the full 75 points needed to come here if you have access to £200,000 held in a regulated financial institution and disposable in the UK.

ITContractor Comment

So, if you have a PHD and you are under 28 you are almost there as you would have 70 of the 75 points needed. Therefore, you would need only to have earned 16K in the previous year.

So, even a Bachelors degree would leave you needing to have earned only 26K in the last year if you are under 28.