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Stolen CV
Stolen CV

The Stolen CV

This article, about a stolen CV, is from Aussie contractor site

I had been out of work for 2 months since arriving in Australia.

As a Windows 2000 MCSE, I was glad to receive a call from a recruitment agency offering me a position looking after a 2000 network.

They, also, informed me that there would also be some exposure to the latest Windows. It sounded like the perfect role.

So, I got the contract and started working. A few weeks later I found some CVs of other applicants the agency put forward for the role.

Stolen CV with Pages Ripped Off from My CV

When I looked at the CVs, I found, astonishingly, that they had pages straight out of my CVs.

Obviously the agent liked the format and content of my CV, copied it and just stuck it into the pages of these other applicants. Did that piss me off or what!

They were word for word, same layout – everything!

I don’t know what my employer at the time thought – Oh, these two guys have exactly the same skills, how coincidental.

Anyway, I have the CVs still. I was thinking of ringing the manager of the agency and asking if this was general practice? And the guy who did this is apparently a ‘Senior Consultant’. No wonder we hate agencies!

Is my CV copyright? Can I sue them?

Brainbox reply

I’ve tried to contact a few lawyers on your behalf, about your stolen CV, but none of them seemed interested in answering your question. I studied some copyright law at uni, and I can definitely tell you that what they did is illegal.

My understanding is that generally, to sue somebody, you have to show that you suffered material loss. This is why the lawyers probably weren’t interested. If anyone else can expand on this, I’d be happy to hear from them.