Work From Home IT Contractor arrested


IT Contractor Arrested

An IT Contractor who was using his time at home to run his own pirated software business was arrested by police.

While supposed to be working from home for his company he was selling the company’s software at pirated prices – easily beating any other prices on the market.

The IT Contractor, who is 36, is from North Wales.

He worked on Support from home whilst doing some programming.

He told police that it was the idiotic support calls from users and customers that drove him over the top and pushed him into a life of crime.

IT Contractor Comment

Good things first – he is unlikely to be caught for IR35.

He was in business ‘in his own right’ – even if it was not his own goods he was selling, at the same time as he was providing Support and programming expertise from home.

Also, the fact that the client terminated his contract with immediate effect proved that there was no Mutuality of Obligation.

Excellent Opportunity

I suppose providing support from home is an excellent way of setting up your own business whilst still raking in the money from a client.

The recommended way, though, is to use your products.

I don’t understand, though, why the IT Contractor thought he could get away with it.

Someone using the pirated software was sure to contact Support at some point – but then again he was Support.

Dumb and Dumber

It strikes me as a very risky and stupid thing to do.

After all you would have to shift big volumes to make it worthwhile – with all the risks that entails.

The upside seems too small and the downside, losing your contract and going to gaol for a protracted period just doesn’t seem worth it.

But sometimes people are just greedy.

Mixing Greedy with Stupid is a very dangerous combination.