Work and the IT Contractor

Work and the IT Contractor
Work and the IT Contractor

Work and IT Contractors

This, about work and the IT Contractor, was sent to us by reader dwb.

After Paranoid Pete‘s ramblings about beer, sex and football, Gerry kindly gave me the chance to respond with an article that would be more work related.

I thought I would give you an example of a typical busy week for me.

Getting Up for Work

On Monday, I am in at 7.30 as usual. I switch on the PC and go off and shave while the machine boots up. Why should I waste my own hot water?

There isn‘t too much to do this morning so I tidy up my desk. At 9.00 the project manager comes in. I immediately ask her for some work but she snaps back that she wants to take her coat off.

After she has hung it up, I ask her again. She says she‘ll find a task later on and mutters something about me getting a life.

So, I decide to go through the code in the system test folder, making sure that it all corresponds to standards I like. This should keep me busy all week.

At lunchtime, I find the remains of a buffet in a conference room. This is good news as it means that I can keep my meat paste sandwiches for my tea.

Something to Do

Tuesday – Great stuff! The team leader has something for me to do. There has been a bug in an overnight run and it must be sorted out ASAP.

It doesn‘t take long and even better, it‘s the fault of one of the other IT contractors – another beer, sex and football type. I point this out to everybody and demand that they will be more careful in future.

At lunchtime, I celebrate by reading the computer magazines at WH Smith‘s.

Fix Causes Another Fault

Wednesday – Not so great stuff! My amendment doesn‘t fix the problem and even worse, causes another fault down the line.

I immediately offer to repair it but the team leader passes it to Mr Beer, Sex etc. He works at a furious pace but this is probably so he doesn‘t miss the 5 a side football.

They all spend ten minutes afterwards discussing the game. The team leader is making a lot of phone calls in a quiet voice. I decide to take exercise as well that evening and go to a gym with a free pass I found on a desk.

New Contractor Starts

Thursday – A new contractor starts. He is immediately put beside me to pick up the ropes. I‘m flattered that I am chosen to do this and show him what I have been working on.

The team leader comes around with a collection for someone who‘s getting married. I decline, pointing out that nobody ever buys me a leaving present. She says she‘s not surprised.

After work, I have a date with someone I met over the Internet. I take her to a Pizza Hut. She doesn‘t seem too keen, especially after I suggest we go Dutch even though this shows my non sexist credentials.

Things go well as she doesn‘t talk much but just listens intently while staring out the window. When I ask for her share of the bill and produce my ‘Buy One, Get One Free‘ voucher, she throws her wine over me and leaves. What is it with women these days?

Busy Contractors

Friday – The new contractor seems quite busy. He goes off to the pub at lunchtime with the others. I decline even though I haven‘t been asked.

I look at the manager‘s in tray and read other people‘s timesheets. They all roll back late, reeking of beer apart from the team leader.

Can you reek of vodka?

She disappears to talk to the manager. Perhaps it‘s about that bloke who put down an hour for lunch one day instead of the hour and five minutes I noticed he really took.

I get a call from my agent. Maybe it‘s about an extension even though I have several weeks to go. However, he tells me that my contract was only for three months and not six, and that this therefore is my last day.

No Contract Extension

No, there won‘t be an extension. And No, he doesn‘t have anything else on the go.

He mumbles about how I should try to fit into the office culture in future. I roar back that I don‘t want to fit in with people like Mr Beer, Sex, etc.

The team leader comes up and asks for my pass. She says I can leave now even though I want to stay late.

I stand my ground when suddenly two burly types appear, and next thing I‘m lying on my back in the street.

Isn‘t life unfair?

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