Why You Cannot Get an IT job with the Government


We received the following as an email in response to a couple of our articles:-

Inward Facing

Having read the article ‘Government to Give Huge Boost to IT Industry’ and the one on “”the experiences of a jobseeker””, I ask if anyone else has noticed the inward facing nature of the NHS & MOD.

As a jobseeker myself with many years IT experience up to a senior level and with many innovative feathers in my cap, I cannot see my future in either of these areas.

The job specs virtually always require experience in the existing NHS or MOD systems.

Where is the innovation and fresh directions going to come from?

If the existing systems were excellent/adequate or even built to evolve, there would be no need to spend these huge sums!

Horrendous Recruitment Policies

The recruitment policies used by the public bodies use horrendous application forms that are clearly looking for “”set phrases”” that cover the existing circumstances. Omit the phrase and fail at the application form’s first hurdle.

Frequently there are abbreviations included, that are known only to the initiated. For example: In the Private sector the phrase KPI (Key performance indicator) is universal, but the Public sector calls it something else.

Furthermore the recruitment process disregards candidate capability; the ability to learn, to apply or to innovate. It purely accents on existing skills, with no regard to the complexity of the tasks that the clients are trying to achieve.

Candidates Disregarded

Candidates with deep knowledge of the area but not the specific software package are disregarded. Yet the specific skills can be achieved in days or hours by broader candidates, who will also bring a wider vision of what should be achieved by the software package.

The result is that they are likely to end up with a candidate who has specialised in the task-of-the-moment but is less capable of dealing tomorrow’s problems due to this lack of breadth that specialisation always produces.

We have the certain probability that we will end up with donkeys, not the racehorses we need.

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