Why Project deadlines necessary

Project Deadlines Necessary
Project Deadlines Necessary

Project Deadlines Necessary

A reader posted this after a recent article about Project Deadlines necessary for success.

So see what you think.

Necessary Evil

With all due respect, deadlines are a necessary ‘evil’.

Without a deadline how will you ever be able to schedule anything.

Everybody creates deadlines in their own life so why not in a work environment?

Corporate Culture

What has been overlooked here is the employee’s ability to feel comfortable about telling their supervisor that the deadline can’t be met.

Unfortunately, despite abundant lip service to the contrary, the vast majority of companies do not foster an environment where employee’s feel ‘free to fail’. That is, to be able to openly negotiate in the success. The culture encourages management lines to be closed to anything but adherance to what is laid down or pre-rdained.

So it is the typical ‘master / servant’ relationship. The master says jump and so the servant must jump, regardless of the fact that he has no legs.

Incentives for Productivity

As for ‘incentives’ to achieve ‘deadlines’, not everyone has the same values.

For some people a ‘carrot’ works, for some a ‘stick’ works better.

Therefore, different people have different ‘carrots’ they aspire to or ‘sticks’ which will motivate them.

Employees Interests

For a company to succeed it needs to truly recognise the individuality of all members. It must identify how best to involve them in achieving success – for all parties.

Project Deadlines necessary
Project Deadlines necessary

The company management, from chairman of the board down, have to be truly as concerned for their employees interests as they want or expect their employees to be for the company.

Therefore, true ongoing success can only be achieved on a win / win basis.

IT Contractor Comment

I wasn’t suggesting that there should be no deadlines and no schedule at all.

There must be a schedule so that Project Managers can track progress and can report to senior management and users on it.

What I was suggesting was that they shouldn’t tell the developers about their own deadlines. I believe, moreover, that this is counter productive and over stressful.

It would be better to let them know, after they’ve finished, what they’ve achieved. That would be in terms of something like Function Points created per day or month. That’s so that they can try and better previous achievements rather that pressurising them with deadlines.

It’s been shown that productivity is higher this way.

So, are project deadlines necessary?



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