Why I was a demotivated permie through working with contractors

Demotivated Permie
Demotivated Permie

Demotivated Permie

This article about being a demotivated permie, was posted in our Comments section by a reader J Warlow.

Low Morale

I worked as a permie at my last company and the project we were working on had its deadline halved by the Operations Director.

Unfortunately he didn’t tell the CEO.

Morale in development department of the company was very low.

We got no thanks when we were meeting weekly targets and the Operations Director was wanting us to work all hours under the sun.

When we did we got no thanks (and we didn’t get overtime or time in lieu – we didn’t do overtime, we had extended days).

Demotivate IT Contractors
How to Demotivate IT Contractors on your project

Hired Contractors

They then hired a few contractors.

We had three in total during the time that I was there but only two worked at any one time.

Two of the contractors were OK, everyone got on with them both.

The other was an a******e.

He kept putting smart comments in the code if he found a bug.

Pity he had to rewrite a chunk of his code that had gone belly up.

Management‘s Fault

I didn’t resent the other two contractors, they were just doing a job, I resented the management for paying for contractors while treating the permies like s**t.

It was the management that made me feel unmotivated.

How can I feel motivated by management who won’t pay the permanent staff overtime, give no thanks and then justify paying contract staff 3 times permanent rates?

Needless to say I no longer work there, and the contractors are off doing better things I think.

Permie Project Managers
Permie Project Managers demotivate IT Contractors

IT Contractor Comment on Demotivated Permie

I understand your comments but this was the fault of the management and not the contractors. As you said, two of the contractors were fine.

As in all professions you do get the occasional idiot.

Although the contractors get more money they are usually more experienced and don’t get perks like pensions, holiday pay, sick pay etc. and this has to be taken into account.

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