Contractor Success Story – Why I quit contracting

Contractor Success Story
Contractor Success Story

Contractor Success Story

It’s great to hear of a contractor success story and here’s one from reader darken.

I have not been here for a while as I was too busy with my own business plus the daily grindstone, but I am happy now to say that I am out of contracting for good.

My web hosting business, that I have started a year ago, has reached a point where not only it makes as much money as I would make on a good contract but also needs a permanent server admin and a permanent help desk.

So, I am cutting myself loose from the contracting market and I have to say that I have no regrets.

Bad Experience

I would have gladly kept contracting, but my latest experience in the field has definitely changed my mind.

Approached By an Agency

I was approached by an agency for a long term contract in Ireland, at a very fair rate and a fixed two years with strong possibilities of renewals.

Then I got the interview, and got the job.

I was about to start packing and lo and behold, there is the agency telling me that there has been a misunderstanding and that I did not in fact get the contract.

The client changed his mind and needed someone “more qualified”. That sounded like bull**** to me as the client had told me that I was the best qualified person on his list so I have called the client directly.

What had happened?

Agency Provided Contractor Project Manager

The agency provided them at about the same time with a contractor project manager.

After my interview, the project manager was very unhappy to find out that I was more qualified than he was, and basically him and the agency decided that it was not safe for him to have me there, so they decided to get rid of me and told the client I did not want the job, while telling me the client has changed his mind.

Problem With Agency in the Past

The agency, with whom I have had more than one problem in the past and they were not happy with me. I do not stand for their bull****. So, they decided it was safer to keep their man safe and get in another contractor. He was a first timer who would be more susceptible to pay them the 40% they wanted. I only agreed with 12%.

So, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back as far as I am concerned.
I wish everybody who keeps contracting all the good luck. You are going to need it.

“Contracting is for masochists”- my Ex Boss.

IT Contractor Success Story

It’s great to hear of a contractor who has gone on to run a successful business.

If it wasn’t for that agency he probably wouldn’t have done it.

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