Technical Interviews | Why I love Them by an IT Contractor

Technical Interviews
Technical Interviews

Technical Interviews

This article, abiut technical interviews, was posted in reply to one of our articles by IT Contractor Chris Boote.

I Love Technical Interviews

Technical Interviews are fine by me.

I’ve never yet had a technical test that I couldn’t breeze through – and I am NOT fresh out of college!

I’ve been in IT for nearly 20 years, using my speciality area for almost 10.

I have written technical tests for interviews as well (usually after I’ve run rings around an interviewer technically, and they want a better way of weeding out bluffers)

The Technique for Technical Interviews

The way to answer technical tests correctly is to say, up front, “Look, we have syntax checkers in any environment we use – let THEM find the colons, semicolons and tabs I’ve missed.

I write the logic, the syntax checker checks the spelling”.

Then for each question, give as direct an answer as you can, but make sure you show that you understand what the questioner is talking about (giving multiple methods to do something is a good way to show this)

Don’t Bluff

If you don’t understand the question or know the answer, SAY SO!

Bluffing will seldom work because either the interviewer knows what they’re on about, and so will spot your bluff, or they don’t, so will rely on their ‘written model answers’ and your bluff answer is unlikely to be there.

Think of technical interviews as a way to flex your mental muscles, as a challenge to your ingenuity, and as a way to (discreetly) show off a bit, and you’ll start to look forwards to, and actually ENJOY, them! (like I do).

It will also give you a big advantage on those who don’t like techie interviews and are not good at doing them. Give yourself every advantage you can.

You’ll get lots more lucrative contracts that way.

Chris Boote

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