Why I am sickened by the current state of IT and especially agencies

Current State of IT

Current State of IT

A reader sent is this post on the current state of IT.

Hi Gerry,

Read your article on The Ten Things an IT Contractor Absolutely Must Know.

I have to say Gerry I have been looking everywhere on the web for someone who shares my views.

Agencies Blatant Liars

Agencies are blatant liars – something I abhor.

Just an overview of my background. I am 38, have a 2:1 Degree in Computer Science and about 15 years professional IT experience.

I have done my training for the PMP exam in Ireland where I used to work. More recently I completed the ILM Executive Diploma in Management (Level 7). So, basically, I‘m a mature man with more than a few brain cells without sounding too far up my own ar*e.

Made Redundant

I was being made redundant in Southern Ireland year after year in consultancy firms as they started outsourcing to India.

I have now moved back to the UK to look for work.

So, I have been redundant now for 7 months.

I have never been in a situation like this. So, I am in total astonishment (welcome to the real world I hear you say ;)).

Been Through Various Agencies

I have been through numerous agencies and, as you said, have had nothing but BS from 90% of them. The other 10% I haven‘t any evidence yet.

They are actually putting me forward for jobs I did when I left University. This, to be honest, makes me personally feel like sh*te.

Especially when you have some X-mechanic (who made it into IT by luck) sits in an interview and asks you what development knowledge you have. Working in IT is more difficult now.

Future of My Family

I feel like I have spent years working with my head in the sand as I really am concerned for my future and the future of my family. So, I feel like I‘ve missed the boat. I’ve no future.

As another writer mentioned, if I had a choice I would have become a doctor or accountant as we are now looked at like manual labour with Accountants almost always seeming to be head of IT Sections and knowing f-all about IT.

Contracting Overseas

So, now I am now looking at contracting overseas, but concerned as I have a wife and two small children.

The agency I am dealing with has certainly got a lot out of me in terms of contacts with only hot-air in return.

Some Questions on Current State of IT

So, Gerry, just wanted to ask you some questions. I‘d like to know what you think.

Is this business really getting as bad as it looks?

Are people leaving IT for different careers?

Are there many people you come across in the same boat as myself?