Freelance Work – Why Freelancers became freelancers

Freelance Work
Freelance Work

Freelance Work

So, why do permanent employees want tp take up freelance work instead of staying permanent at a compamy?

According to a new report by Boox, the cloud based accountancy service, 30% of freelancers become freelancers to become their own boss.

Freelancers are obviously independent minded and don‘t like to be told what to do.

Maybe they just don‘t like to fit into a hierarchy.

Made Redundant

It seems that 25% of Freelancers become freelancers after they have been made redundant.

Redundancy in a bad market forces their hands – although some of them may have considered going freelance but were afraid of taking the plunge until forced to.

Obviously this is through necessity for them but often they go on to make a big success of it.

BetterWork Life  Balance

Another 19% chose the freelancing lifestyle to get a better work-life balance according to the survey.

Many freelancers use the extra money they make to buy some free time.

That‘s 74% of freelancers in those answers and they are obviously the top 3 answers.

Earning More Money

I wonder where Money is in all of this.

That was the reason I went freelance.

Who would not want to more than double one‘s income in a trice – especially as all the extra is free money that expenses like mortgages and car payments are not booked against.

And then there is the tax savings as well if you are able to operate as a Limited Company.

Perhaps the respondents didn‘t want to mention Money as being the main reason for becoming a freelancer – or maybe I‘m a bit unusual.