Why do clients only adhere to contracts when they want to

Adhere to Contracts
Adhere to Contracts - why Clients Don't

Adhere to Contracts

A reader posted this after one of our articles asking why clients don’t adhere to contracts.

A Reader Asks ITContractor for Advice

Most of the what you wrote, in your article, I have experienced in my time contracting. People think it‘s easy but it‘s not.

The money is only good if you can always get another contract to avoid breaks in between.

You also have to endure a lot of personal abuse from jealous colleagues. Most of them hate contractors anyway.

Hellish IT Contracts
Hellish IT Contracts by a contractor

They could become contractors themselves but don’t have the balls.

They couldn’t take the risk as they want steady money to keep their mortgages paid and family fed.

Owed Money by Major Banks

I have been owed a lot of money by major banks who take the attitude ‘sue us if you want it back even though you‘re contractually owed it anyway see you in court’ (which they obviously know you cannot possibly match them as they can outspend on lawyer fees).

One role I called their bluff and they offered me 33% of what they owed me – which was better than nothing I guess.

One client gave me a contract which stated I was to be paid overtime for the entire length of the role then, after it was signed by all parties & legally binding, the contract started.

Turn Down Contracts
Successful contractors Turn Down Contracts

Contract Torn Up

They then told me that, unless I tore it up immediately, they could not afford to pay any overtime rates (major bank as well – yeah right they could not afford it) so my choices were tear the contract up or be sacked on the spot (the manager was quite threatening about it as well).

So I tore it up and lost £8K over the project as the ***t then had everyone do massive amounts of overtime (surprise surprise).

Contractors adhere to contracts more often than companies do.

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