Why agents really annoy IT contractors

Agents Really Annoy IT Contractors
Agents Really Annoy IT Contractors

Agents Really Annoy IT Contractors

A reader tells us why agents really annoy IT contractors.

It should have been easy to rectify this – but they just did not take the time to make a phone call.

We received this from a contractor.

Attended an Interview

Perhaps other contractors have experienced this. I recently attended an interview for a contract at 7 o clock in the evening at a location in Birmingham city centre.

I had to make great efforts to travel the 80 miles to get there from my current contract location.

Several days later I had heard nothing from the agent involved and he would not take my phone calls. I obviously had not been successful at the interview.

I think it is understandable that when agents receive sometimes hundreds of CVs for a position they cannot be expected to reply to everyone.

Shoddy Practice

However when an agent builds a relationship with the contractor and that contractor puts their time and effort to prepare and attend an interview at their own expense and then never to hear from the agent again – well that‘s just shoddy practice.

Any feedback, good or bad, would be appreciated.

I have had dealings with several agents now that do this. Several big name agents spring to mind.

It only goes to strengthen the significant ill feeling about agents within the contractor community.

IT Contractor Comment

Whenever agencies are asked why they don’t get back to contractors more they always say that they would rather spend their time trying to put other contractors in work.

They say that contractors keep calling them when they have no news to give them. They tell the contractor that when they have any news they will give them it.

Well, that sounds fair enough provided they do that – but many don’t.

Interview the Contractor

They only contact contractors when there is good news, e.g. that the client wants to interview the contractor or the client wants to hire the contractor.

If it’s bad news they seldom contact the contractor to tell him, or her, so.

Indeed, they don’t even like to take calls from the contractor who has not got the interview or contract.

This is why agents really annoy contractors.

Send Contractors an Email

It would be so simple to slip the contractor an email saying that he, or she, had not been accepted for interview, or the client chose someone else for the contract job.

That’s all the contractor wants to know.

However, too often they are waiting for an interview that never comes or for a contract job that has already been awarded to someone else.

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